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Or if every picture he has, there's his lab right there beside him, apparently attached at the knee or something?Do these guys think women want to see how he can't keep his hands off other women, or suspect that snuggling him will mean also snuggling the dog?Join our chat rooms and fantasise about a perfect date that will happen in reality!Between friendship and marriage lies Flirt is the place for flirty, romantic relationships.I'm just baffled at the frequency of pics like this.Personally, I see pics like this, especially one where a man was clearly cropped out, I move on. Op, I have a question for you - what about all the guy pics where he's arm in arm with one or two (or more) gals at a bar or club?

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I always check up when I haven't heard anything from someone I message whether i'm a friend or dating potential .

if two weeks past, i'm not sending anything out at all.

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