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A preventable predisposing factor for the development of all mental health disorders in children and adolescents has been found in a cross-sectional survey involving second-hand smoke exposure in youth who are not themselves cigarette smokers.The study adjusted for poverty, race/ethnicity, sex, asthma, hay fever, and maternal smoking; serum cotinine level was positively associated with CD, especially for non-Hispanic white males.This disorder is marked by chronic conflict with parents, teachers, and peers and can result in damage to property and physical injury to the patient and others.These patterns of behavior are consistent over time.Whilst some have gone on to big and brighter things, others have moved off our bedroom walls and into, well, normal jobs. Who could forget those long-haired Hanson brothers from Oklahoma?

The bot's Twitter account, which has been verified, is You. Thanks to The Walking Cat (@h0x0d on Twitter), we know that Microsoft has built a bot framework for developers. (Just a guess on my part.) Or is Tay an example of the kind of bots that Microsoft will enable others to build using its AI/machine learning technologies? PT: Tay's Twitter feed went silent, and many tweets went missing, later Wednesday after humans taught it to parrot a number of inflammatory and racist opinions.

But they disappeared from our radar after conflicts with their record company over lack of creative freedom.

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They are automated accounts that follow specific instructions to interact with users.

They commonly serve up content — like a GIF or the weather forecast — but can be programmed to do all manner of things.

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