Are greg norman and chris evert dating

Miss Andrassy, 57, who is understood to have heard about the engagement from Miss Evert's ex-husband, the former US Olympic skiing champion Andy Mill, 53, added: "It feels wonderful to me to be free for a while." The former flight attendant said she had been expecting the engagement. "But if that's what they want, then so be it." The engagement was revealed when Miss Evert was asked about a large diamond ring she was wearing at a press conference to launch a tennis centre at Pearl Valley - where Mr Norman was playing in the South African Open."This is an engagement ring, and we were engaged four days ago," she said.Norman, known to golf fans as The Great White Shark, proposed to Miss Evert aboard his Gulfstream jet as they flew to South Africa."We don't know when and where we'll be married," said Miss Evert, who won 18 Grand Slam titles, including three Wimbledon championships.Evert was just 17 when Jimmy Connors, then an up-and-coming 19-year-old, spotted her in the dining room at Queen’s, the London tennis club that hosts the traditional warm-up tournament to Wimbledon.Despite the fact that Evert – who had been brought up a good Catholic girl and wore a crucifix round her neck on court – was being chaperoned by her formidable mother Colette, he sat down beside her.Just 15 months after they were married, golf star Greg Norman and tennis great Chris Evert announced they have separated.The announcement Friday comes three days before Norman is to captain the International team at the Presidents Cup in San Francisco, where wives of the captains take on a visible role.Claiming that the marriage was "doomed" from the start, she went on to say the wedding "was the beginning of the end." Before the divorce, Norman and Evert released a statement which said, "We will remain friends and supportive of one another's family." Evert later said she will never be friends with Norman.Click here to read more from Norman's sister, including her thoughts on Evert's wedding speech and Norman's new lover.

She has been in 10 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.1 years each. Given Name: Christine Marie Evert Age: 62 (12/21/1954)Occupation: Sports - Tennis Most Famous For: a former World No.

They had been introduced by her ex-husband who was a friend of Mr Norman, and formed a business partnership to set up tennis academies in the golfer's resort developments, Mr Norman, who topped the annual world golf rankings seven times between 19, ended his 26-year marriage to Miss Andrassy in September in a settlement reportedly worth £50 million. Miss Andrassy, who met Mr Norman in 1981, accused Miss Evert of betrayal and blatantly pursuing her husband during visits to the Normans' home on Jupiter Island, Florida. "A year and a half ago I'd have taken a bullet for this guy.

I didn't realise he was going to pull the trigger," he said. Titles: 88 professional golf titles, including two Open Championships.

The tennis star divorced former husband, Olympic skier-turned-sport fisherman ANDY MILL, last month (DEC06).

She was also previously married to British tennis ace JOHN LLOYD.

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