Cellvalidating datagridview c sharp

I have a datagridview I call the Cell Validating event and if the the cell does not validate I want to reset the cell to a default value. Value = default Value; but the statement does not change the cell at all. My code actually executes this statement: datagridview1.

My code actually executes this statement: datagridview1.

I found a suitable code for it from the msdn library.

Unfortunately the code only allows integers to be entered in the datagridview.

The rest of the cell validations are perfectly working!

How am i supposed to edit the code so that it does not generate this error?

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In order to achieve this, you need to perform two things: - the Drop Down Stype property of the Combo Box editing control needs to be set to Drop Down. - ensure that the value that the user typed into the cell is added to the combo box items collection.

I'm trying to stop the user inputting non-numerical or negative integers or doubles into different columns from the datagridview.

I understand that a Cell Validating method is commonly used but I can't seem to get it to capture negative values.

I also have a Data Error event which is able to capture the user attempting to enter datatypes that are invalid and output a message, but i can't target negative values specifically.

When Row Headers are not visible: In that case, validation still works however error message and icon will not get displayed.

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