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To celebrate Usher's long-running career in music, check out Pop Crush's list of the Top 10 Usher Songs.

At the age of 16, Usher began his illustrious career with 1994 self-titled debut album.

Whom she dated: Ryan Gosling Age difference: Sixteen years — he was 22, she was 38. Cougar Scale: 5 — She hasn't dated anyone younger since (Ryan's age difference with Eva Mendes is six years! Whom she dated: John Mayer Age difference: Nine years — he was 31, she was 40. Cougar Scale 4 – She's currently engaged to Justin Theroux, who's only two years younger than Mayer.

Whom she's dating: Ben Foster Age difference: Fourteen years — he's 33, she's 47. Cougar Scale: 6 — Ex-boyfriend, Talan Torriero, was eight years her junior. Cougar Scale: 8 —Trump's ex-husband, Rossano Rubicondi, was twenty-three years her junior!

They would team up on in 2002 for ' I Need a Girl (Part 1)' from Diddy's ' We Invented the Remix' album.

In 1997, Usher teamed up with producer Jermaine Dupri and their partnership resulted in three classic albums and several chart-topping singles.

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