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An interesting fact is that although a person has been infected with the herpes and cold sore virus, they may not necessarily experience an outbreak.This is because some people’s immune systems have the ability to completely suppress the virus.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...In fact, it's so hard that many people spend a lot of time thinking about what they have to disclose to their partners -- and what they can safely avoid talking about.

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It's hard to tell a new sexual partner that you have been diagnosed with an STD.

First off you need to understand its a virus so if you kiss her and yuo dont already have that virus you will now be suseptible. The three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeaful striking hammer of god In the trenches fighting the good fight for anal love...*eyes narrow* straight anal love. It's just such a better choice to pass this by, because it's not worth it in the long run : P yea... so what if the bitch is at the the "off" stage where you dont see them? i have cold sores just so you know." that **** is scary... If he does not understand what cold sore's really are after all everyone has been telling him, then stop trying to fu456ng explain it to him. thismay be a stupid question but please answer it.. now if a girl has cold sores and i make out with her can i get those cold sores?? You will not find a cold sore on your dick if she sucks you off... If you make out you might catch her cold sore and if she gives you head and spreads the virus all over your unit you might get infected and it can turn into genital herpes.

if a girl gives me head and she has cold sores ( not herpes) can ii get herpes or nething form that??? I wouldn't want a girl with a cold sore to go down on me.

The cold sore virus is brought up lots in those threads.

I want to know if people have ever thought about what it is like to date someone who gets them.

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