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In 2013 she was a contestant on the BBC celebrity dance show, Strictly Come Dancing.Riley was brought up in the Thorpe Bay area of Southend-on-Sea and was educated at the independent Thorpe Hall School, and Southend High School for Girls, a grammar school, where she obtained four As at A-Level.She said: "The worst chat-up line I've heard is 'I've got a purple dome that needs a home.'" The 31-year-old continued: "My friend made the mistake of letting me play Tinder on her phone."We wonder if she replied?Comedian Jon Richardson then added: "I've got a little mouse that needs a house." Just last month the saucy blonde revealed that she sent a topless photo to a fan.Promise them superpowers at the lavish new building, which looks like a Kubrick movie set inside a Vegas reproduction of Venice. While writer Anna North was careful to point out that the site used to have a stronger connection to Scientology, her headline maybe promised a bit more than it could deliver — when looked into it, they found plenty of spiritual types, but nobody who appeared to admit to being Scientologists. Have to say, this was something of an upstat for the church.I mean, even Scientologists need to hook up, right?While occupying the niche role, she long believed she was not a television presenter, but she came to realise that the industry has changed, so that "I don't think there's such a thing as a TV presenter any more. As her popularity grew due to daily appearances on Countdown, she branched out into other roles, co-presenting 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Gadget Show, although her profile was significantly boosted by her appearance as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, which largely "catapulted [Riley] onto the A-list" and opened up the doors for new television roles, according to another commentator.

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Heartbreakers If Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister, the dating world could take a hit.

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Queue jumpers David Cameron has been caught on camera pushing in front of shoppers to buy socks in JD Sports.

I’d have to say the one that impressed me the most was a two-part investigation of Delphian, Scientology’s elite high school in Oregon, by The Daily’s Benjamin Carlson.

In part 1 on Tuesday, Carlson pointed out that Scientologist parents are shelling out ,000 a year for an unaccredited private high school, and that the school is sending many students into the Sea Org.

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