Error updating the administration application pool credentials stsadm

I linked the commands to the technet or forum page which features all the information about that command.I created this because I was looking for something like this to prepare for a presentation at the Adds a user to a policy role for the Web application based on the specified permission level name and corresponding zone. It was installed and set up before I started working here.Now I am the lucky one to take care of the administration.Question set #1: If I need to update the password for the service account, then how can I currently access Central Administration and other areas having this service account assigned? Question set #2: If updating the password is needed, what are the steps involved in doing so? Warning #1: The identity of application pool [App Pool Name] is invalid.

The complication comes from the fact that Share Point 2010 doesn’t implement this capability consistently.

This operation is the command-line equivalent of the process used on the Policy for Web Application page in the Share Point Central Administration Web site. This operation is equivalent to the Enable Data Retrieval Services, Limit Response Size, Update support, and Data Source Time-out user interface settings that are located on the Data Retrieval Service page of the Share Point Central Administration Web site.

Enables an administrator to add or delete a file type to the blocked file types list for a Web application.

One or more errors deploying administration application pool credentials.

Please check the application event log and fix manually.

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