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Anyone who marries such a person is also going to have to deal with those limitations that are imposed on your partner/spouse by the state. Yes the felony can follow the partner/spouse around, but that also don't mean they can't become a productive member of society.It doesnt mean they can't find good employment etc..I'm sure your "ex" will bring this up if he has an interest in getting custody away from you.My husband [25M] is in the military and stationed overseas.Is he guarded and terribly hurt or possibly he designed to new benefits?Body language will tell you volumes about how he feels towards people.(non violent)And if a person has a felony, when would be a good time to tell others? I might date someone who had been convicted of a felony, depending on what felony they were convicted of.

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Look up everything you can about Pedophilia and then make an informed decision.

My Ex Is Dating A Felon Can I Get Custody My Ex Is Dating A Felon Can I Get Custody Make this an evening where you listen to one another.

Watch his body language and learn how he is truly feeling about you.

But it could be used to affect custody and visitation.

If the man is a convicted sex offender, it seems that it might appear irresponsible for you to bring him not your child's life.

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  1. (Maybe their relationship with one of their parents or siblings isn’t great.) This is a nice way to leave it open-ended, and let your date chat about their family in terms that are as specific or as general as they want. It opens up room to hear about what they value without making your date feel like they’re bragging.