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DJI just made a weird but ultimately sensible announcement.

The next firmware updates for all of its drone models will require users to log into the website for a "new application activation process".

I have some influence but ultimately with that show, there was some way you're being produced and you're doing what they've asked you to do.

Everyone does something in their job that they might not agree with, but the thing with television is that for everything like that, because you're public property, because you're on television, you come in for more criticism."It's one of the big things I struggled to deal with since I've been on television, people who give you crap on Twitter. I get really annoyed at it and I end up replying to people and then I realise the next day that I shouldn't have replied to that person at 3am.

Citizen Lab says it had identified the new weapon—which it has named China’s “Great Cannon”—responsible for both attacks.

Today, we report the following stats as a follow up to the efforts from February 16th:…By impelling customers to log in to their DJI accounts and activate the latest firmware for their drones, the company will be able to sync up each device with the specific regulations of the country where it's being operated.(Note: Customers in China, where DJI is headquartered, won't be required to go through this new activation process.) Meanwhile, the consequences for not activating the drone through DJI's website are tough but fair.Appointed today by the Teller County Commissioners. A total of 15 applicants for the position, including many former high-ranking officers and commanders of the agency, that extends until Jan. With this appointment, Jason will most likely emerge as the GOP front-runner for the 2018…Read more → California woman accused of driving over her boyfriend A California woman is now behind bars after reportedly running over her boyfriend with a vehicle, and dragging his body, following a dispute outside a bar/restaurant in Divide.In the case of online code repository Git Hub, the Great Cannon was able to alter script distributed by Chinese search engine Baidu, redirecting massive amounts of “bad traffic” back towards Git Hub’s servers in late March, reports the Verge.The attack, which lasted several days, was the largest the company had ever experienced.KARR was wanted by the Teller County Sheriff’s Office for sexual assault and related charges.KARR had met the victim on a social media dating site. Read more → New Sheriff for Teller County, Jason Mikesell congratulations!Read more → ~ by Rick Langenberg ~ In a new board shake-up, long-time resident and business owner Merry Jo Larsen has been elected as the president of the Woodland Park Saddle Club.In addition, her daughter, Marty Mc Kenna, and Wylie Wells, a well-regarded barrel racer, won seats as directors.

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