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The effect of the provisions of this chapter may be varied by agreement, but the parties to the agreement cannot disclaim a bank’s responsibility for its lack of good faith or failure to exercise ordinary care or limit the measure of damages for the lack or failure. The warranties stated in subsection (1) cannot be disclaimed with respect to checks.However, the parties may determine by agreement the standards by which the bank’s responsibility is to be measured if those standards are not manifestly unreasonable. Unless notice of a claim for breach of warranty is given to the warrantor within 30 days after the claimant has reason to know of the breach and the identity of the warrantor, the warrantor is discharged to the extent of any loss caused by the delay in giving notice of the claim.

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We have seen this code when Active Directory replication does not work correctly. If the computer then tries to authenticate to another DC, it is not found there, resulting in this error code.

Windows event log entries often contain Kerberos failure codes (for an example, please see security event 676).

These failure codes are the original error codes from the Kerberos RFC 1510 (see page 83 for the complete list).

These are informational messages and have little to no security relevance.

Note A security identifier (SID) is a unique value of variable length used to identify a trustee (security principal).

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