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The acquiring company could also convert shares of the subsidiary into its own shares on a fractional basis and liquidate the remaining fraction of the subsidiary stocks.These are known as "partial liquidations." IRS rules state that the distribution of proceeds from a partial liquidation must be part of a plan made within the current tax year that is approved or enacted within the following taxable year.One reason for this is that the enforcement of the term would, in effect, require an equitable order of specific performance.

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In Australia, the definition of liquidated damages applies to the situations where upon the failure of a primary stipulation, imposes a detriment to the first party or a benefit to the second party by a secondary stipulation collateral to the primary stipulation (i.e. UK bank and credit card customers were being charged as much as £39 for a single transaction that took them over their credit limit.

Consumers argued these charges were well beyond the cost of sending a computerised letter.

The Internal Revenue Service enforces specific rates and rules on capital gains and losses.

When one company acquires a subsidiary firm, the parent company may liquidate its shares in the subsidiary in stages, rather than selling them all off at once.

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