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Yahoo hack that came to light last month may cause the company a lot more damage than what it had expected.

The hack that compromised at least 500 million accounts took place back in 2014, and many eyebrows have been raised over why the delay in reporting the issue.

The second major feature that the app gets is photo syncing.A new photo and video sharing platform called “Tripod” has also been announced that lets you search photos by keyword and more.Yahoo basically wants to make it easier to email photos from your phone when you’re on your desktop PC.Verizon has begun calling it a ‘material event’, which essentially means the company wouldn’t have offered the amount it did, had it known about the data breach earlier.It may also have probably not bid for Yahoo at all. According to the Washington Post, Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman said, “I think we have a reasonable basis to believe right now that impact is material.While cycling passwords and using strong passwords is always a good idea, it would not have helped in this particular breach.A state sponsored actor is believed to be involved in a third breach, one where user accounts have been accessed with forged cookies over the course of 2015 to 2016.TORONTO: A Canadian suspected of involvement in a massive 2014 breach of Yahoo email accounts linked to Russia is appealing a decision to hold him in custody pending an extradition hearing, the man's lawyer said on Friday.A bail appeal hearing for Karim Baratov is scheduled for June 5, attorney Amedeo Di Carlo said.This was a separate incident from the September disclosure with 500 million accounts being compromised.The first disclosed breach actually occurred in 2014, while the breach disclosed in December took place way back in 2013.

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