So who is poppy montgomery dating on without a trace

After five days, she realized that "[she] couldn't stand him" and took a bus to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

The next role she was offered was a starring role as Samantha Spade on the CBS mystery drama Without a Trace.

You almost always know where the story is going and some plotlines, including an interfaith one, wind up just a bit too neatly.

Nonetheless, the excellent cast smoothes over these bumps.

Co-star Adam Kaufman told me that Ambrose did a great deal of research among the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish community of Brooklyn in advance of the film's production. She got great reviews in her Broadway debut in a 2006 revival of "Awake and Sing," Jewish playwright Clifford Odets' (1906-1963) famous play about a Jewish family during the Great Depression.

I strongly suspect that Ambrose's husband, photographer Sam Handel, is Jewish, but I haven't been able to confirm this yet.

Montgomery emigrated to the United States at the age of 18, arriving in Florida to meet a boyfriend whom she had met when he was an exchange student.January 20, 2009 This coming Sunday, Hallmark Hall of Fame presents a telefilm version of Jewish playwright P'Nenah Goldstein's romantic drama stage play, "Loving Leah." (Sunday, Jan. on CBS) I had a chance to see the telefilm in advance of the TV showing and I did a telephone interview with interfaith actor Adam Kaufman, 34, who plays the male lead character, Jewish doctor Jake Lever.Though Loving Leah is better than most romantic comedies or dramas in the movie theaters, it's not Pulitzer Prize material.She proves that you don't have to be Jewish to turn in a sterling performance as a Jewish character.Ambrose was born Lauren Anne D'Ambruoso to an Italian Catholic father and a non-Jewish mother (I'm not sure what her mother's specific background is).' I said, 'Um' and they said, 'Anthony La Paglia is in it' and I said, 'sure'.It was that simple." Montgomery portrayed Samantha Spade for seven seasons, from when the show began on 26 September 2002 until it ended on .He made his first TV-appearance in the show Brookfield.Kaufman was born in Virginia and raised in New Canaan, Connecticut. He studied drama at Lynchburg College, the Circle in the Square Theatre School, and at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Theater Institute.She was born to mother Nicole and father Phil Donahue on 15th of June, 1972.She is also known for her appearance as Samantha Spade in the CBS mystery drama entitled Without a Trace.

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