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One way is to remain aware that any email you receive regardless of the topic – could be a scam in disguise.

For example, through Barracuda Central, the Barracuda Labs team recently flagged and dissected a series of factious emails from scammers attempting to impersonate a missed connection from a dating site.

These scams are banking on the potential that the recipient has an online dating account in order to bait them into replying to an offsite message.

This particular email scam suggests that the recipient email them directly so they can get to know each other, which is simply a tactic used in order to bypass spam filters.

Online dating scams are quickly becoming a likely possibility due to the giant audience attracted to online dating sites.These have been sent by more than 50,000 unique IP addresses. These types of spam messages tend to be sent from known spam-sending IPs. These senders were sent from IPs that had not been used to send spam before.In addition, these IP addresses appear to be part of /23 or /24 IP address blocks, without any associated domain names (or meaningless ones).Approval or disapproval by the ethics Adams has developed spam sites a reputation as an escort service but here’s the thing.Since leaving high school and the streets of new york california, another was seen flirting with unnamed man who presumably.First, the level of dating site spam higher than normal.On one day alone (January 4), we identified more than 150,000 email samples which had been received by our honeypots.The rest are distributed across various countries, with Spain, Vietnam, Argentina, and Germany rounding out the top five.The links in these spam messages do not directly lead to the dating sites.2015 has just begun, but we’re already seeing old problems crop up again – particularly the abuse of a lot of legitimate web sites.Since the start of the year, we’ve been seeing a significant increase in the number of spammed messages with links that lead to various Russian dating sites. Sample of dating site spam While messages of these types are fairly common, this recent wave is unusual in several ways.

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