Wpf binding observablecollection not updating

The only way my collections update is if I close the application then restart it. You're window is watching the instance of the view model that you set in your constructor.

I got to the point where I just created a new application with 1 entity and 1 combobox to display a collection and I still can't get the collection to update. This is why the view is not seeing the names you are adding.

I am just starting with MVVM and have hit a hurdle that I hope someone can help me with.

Any modifications to an element within the list will not have have the notify message sent.

To do this, the simplest method is to implement the to the elements used in the Observable Collection I'm using PRISM 5 in the example, so it should be pretty equal to what you're doing.

I went through several SO questions, but cannot see what I'm doing wrong. You still need to implement INotify Property Changed and have individual properties notify that they've updated otherwise the binding subsystem will never know that the observable collection was assigned to the property.

Here your Property Track List Observable must be a INotify Property or Dependency Property.

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